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Pattern Of Daily Uniform

In order to inculcate a feeling of equality and to induce a sense of belonging to the Institution, all students are required to be in the prescribed uniform while attending the school, the school functions and various competitions.

The pattern of uniform code is as given:


1. Navy blue shorts (Classes I-V) Regular 1. Navy Blue Skirt - Regular
2. Navy Blue Trouser Classes (VI - XII) Regular 2. Stripe Shirt (Half Sleeve) Regular
3. Stripe Shirt (Half Sleeve) Regular 3. Black tights to be worn.
4. Black head dress for Sikh boys. -
5. Hair to be well groomed.
6. School belt with buckle
7. Polished Black laced shoes (IV-XII), Velcro strap Shoes (I-III) and Navy blue socks with stripes.


1. White Track Pant
2. House T Shirt
3. Belt with Buckle
4. NCS Cap
5. Hair to be well groomed
6. White head dress for Sikh boys
7. Polished white canvas shoes with laces (IV-XII), Velcro strap shoe (I-III) and white socks.

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