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World Day Against Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labour – 10 June 2021

The students of 9B and 5B were given the opportunity to present an assembly on the theme ‘World Day against Child Labour’ on 10th June 2021. Everyone was very enthusiastic and eager to participate in the assembly. Each class held a Google meet with the students and the class teacher to decide the events and assign roles. The class teachers invigilated the proceedings and guided us. A total of 40 children made valuable contributions i.e. 23 and 17 from 9B and 5B respectively. The assembly featured several events such as dance drama, poems, art in the form of posters and a presentation - prepared and executed by the students themselves, all from the safety of their homes. The students were divided into units based on the events each wished to contribute for. Google meets and group chats occurred as ideas were shared and responsibilities taken. The MCs introduced the events for the viewers. And as the assembly had to be presented online all students pre-recorded their roles within the decided time limit and forwarded the content to our certain classmates who beautifully edited and compiled the videos, pictures, audio clips etc. On 10th June the (approx.) 15 minutes long assembly was successfully presented to the school. Lastly, we the students of 9B and 5B would like to convey our sincere gratitude towards our school and respected Principal ma'am and the Vice principals for providing us with this opportunity to spread awareness against Child Labour.

The World Environment Day

The World Environment Day (5 June) special assembly of Navy Children School, Kochi was organised and presented by the students of class XII. The same was done as a SEWA(Social Empowerment through Work education and Action) project, which is mandatory for CBSE registration. All the 173 students were involved in the activity.

The assembly was performed online and incorporated various events to ensure maximum participation of the students.

The events included:

- Dance

- Choir

- A presentation on the endangered species in the world

- A depiction of the United Nations Environment Program Meeting with delegates from all over the world

The theme of the assembly was going a 100 years into the future and exploring the different roots of our past through a smartphone that we chance upon in the year 2121.

The events were all done quite imaginatively and sheer ingenuity. Several original ideas were introduced and contemplated by the coordinators as well. The students relished the programme as they participated and contributed their skills.

The tech team played an invaluable role in the entire process. They patiently sat through the several re-edit sessions. The teachers guided the coordinators effectively by helping them at every minute crossroads.

The coordinators also worked hard to round up the children for the different events and in instructing them what and what not to do.

The intended message of the assembly was that there is not much time left to work on the betterment of mother Earth and if too late, humankind will be left with everything in a tiny capsule and in scarce.

Health and Physical Education

Mainstreaming Health and Physical Education (HPE) a comprehensive programme introduced by CBSE in affiliated school since 2018-19.School organised various activities based on HPE during 2019-20 academic year also.


  • The aim of Mainstreaming Health and Physical Education is to enable the student to attain an optimum state of health, by incorporating each of the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects.
    A comprehensive view of Health and Physical Education includes and encompasses the three areas of Health Education, Physical Education and Yoga as integral to achieving holistic health (physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual)
  • Mainstreaming would require the coming together of the Class Teacher, PE teacher and teachers of other disciplines.


  • The mandatory nature of this discipline needs all students to participate in an innovative way through the strands
    It will be mandatory for the school to upload a report of work accomplished across the strands of grade X and XII in the prescribed manner, for enabling students to sit for the Board exam.
    The stipulation is to ensure all schools take this aspect seriously so as to ensure lasting and lifelong benefits for their students.
  • Every day one period to be reserved for this programme:
    Schools will now have to make one period available for Health and Physical Education programme from 2018-2019 onwards
  • The new format of HPE envisions that each student will undertake activities categorized under four strands
  • The work education aspect of the syllabus is subsumed under this format, hence there will be no need to take it up as a separate subject  
  • This format is to be compulsorily implemented for classes IX, X, XI and first half of the year for class XII
  • This is an essential requirement for writing the Board examination.
  • Unless schools undertake HPE seriously and are ready with records of all strands as well as Health and Activity Cards for all students, they will not be allowed to register their candidates for Board examinations
  • All schools need to fill in the HPE School Report for the ongoing session before registering their candidates in classes IX and XI. The report should reflect the activities undertaken under each strand separately for each class right from class IX to XII.
  • No theory classes will be taken as a part of this format
  • The class teacher shall be responsible for ensuring that each child participates in all strands The class teacher shall also guide and facilitate strand 3 and strand 4


  • The Board will be inspecting records for Strand 1 and 2 such as attendance and participation by all students. Evidences such as Portfolios, Journals, Essays, Video recordings etc. in case of SEWA may be kept ready for scrutiny by the CBSE at any time during the year.
  • Schools are encouraged to place the activities they undertake under various strands on their own website under the ‘Sports Corner’ which should be updated at regular intervals.
A. Athletics/Swimming
B. Team Games
C. Individual Games/Activity
D. Adventure Sports
50 Marks50 PeriodsUpto 25 marks:Learning
25-40 marks:Proficiency
41-50 marks: Advanced
Health and Fitness 25 Marks 50 Peroids Upto 12 marks: Learning
13-20 Marks: Proficiency
21-25 Marks: Advanced
SEWA 25 Marks 50 Periods Upto 12 Marks:Learning
13-20 Marks: Proficiency
21-25 Marks: Advanced
Health and Activity Card No Marks 10 Peroids -
Total 100 Marks 200 Peroids -

* The grade/levels obtained under the first three stands will be reflected in the report cards


A. Team Games
B. Individual GAthletics/Swimming
C. Games/Activity
D. Adventure Sports



STRAND-3 SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action)


  1. School can design and announce school SEWA policy.
  2. Choice of activity can be left to the students under the guidance of the class teacher.
  3. School can decide on yearly focus theme and class wise subthemes.
  4. Once the theme is decided, the students can decide their part or role in it.
  5. Appoint school SEWA mentor and class wise SEWA mentor .
  6. Parents can also be made a part of SEWA.
  7. Arrange administrative support for the activities. You may involve government and outside agencies.
  8. Dedicate SEWA presentation or exhibition day at the end of the
  9. Activities as a part of eco club, sports club, literary club can be considered as SEWA activities.
  10. It may range from a small role as a volunteer or a contributorEvery activity should be record and
  11. 100 percentage involvement of the students

    a. Students promise form
    b. SEWA Hourly schedule
    c. Mentor’s observation
    d. SEWA appraisal form


  1. To maintain record of details
  2. For communication with parents
  3. To encourage the child to attain health and wellness
  4. No weightage is to be given in result
  5. Privacy of health card should be ensured

1CBSE is not insisting any extra period taken from any subject, distribute existing periods like PT periods, Mass PT, Work Experience etc to all days


NCSK has introduced HPE for classes IX –XII during the academic year 2018-19. During the year 2019-20 also planning to introduce in a same manner.

I.Every day one period reserved for this programme

II. Planning to introduce all four strands in the following manner

a) Strand -1 Games skills of various sports and games and starnd -2 Mass PT ,Yoga and Aerobics- learning and assessment for each students shall be done during Games and Yoga periods..

b) Strand-3 SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action) will be introduce through regular school programmes – Programmes and organied classes as follows

  1. Inter- school swimming Competitons - Class XII
  2. class-XI- School Celebrations
  3. School Raisin Day - Class- X
  4. Social Science Exhibition- Class-X

C) Strand -4 Health and Activity- conduct various Fitness Tests during work experience periods and collected data will be mentioned in the students Health and Activity Card.

Health and Activity Card distributed to students for classes IX to XII, Conducted all 11 physical fitness tests and collected data enterd in to Activity Card.

Fit India School Week

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India has launched the Fit India Movement on 29th Aug, 2019 with a view to make Physical Fitness a way of life. Fit India Movement aims at behavioural changes – from sedentary lifestyle to physically active way of day-to-day living. Fit India would be a success only when it becomes a people’s movement. We have to play the role of a catalyst. ‘How to Live’ ought to be the first pillar of formal education. This involves teaching and practicing the art of taking care of one’s body and health daily. Schools have to be the first formal institution after home where physical fitness is taught and practiced.

Fit India Movement

“FITNESS WEEK CELEBRATION”- For any society or Nation to progress, it’s important that their citizens are physically fit. The challenges of the modern day life has brought along with it the need to be more physically proactive and fit in order to face its challenges with optimum energy and positivity. Fit children are able to handle day-to-day physical and emotional challenges better. However, for a holistic and intrinsically healthy lifestyle, awareness and support for fitness movement is more essential than ever.

On 29 Aug 2019, the Honorable Prime Minister launched nation-wide “Fit India Movement” aimed to encourage people to inculcate physical activity and sports in their everyday lives and daily routine. So as to take this mission forward, CBSE has decided that each year SECOND and THIRD WEEK in November, a total of 06 working days, will be celebrated as “Fitness Week” in all its affiliated schools. This movement therefore endeavors to alter this behavior from ‘Passive Screen time’ to ‘Active Field time’ and the aim of the objective is to develop Sports Quotient among all the students to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Such movement will also instill in students the understanding for regular physical activity and higher levels of fitness enhancing in them self-esteem and confidence

It has also been decided to take-up “Ek Bharat – Shreshtha Bharat” on day six of this program. For this purpose, please see attached table as annexure “A”. Schools in ‘Partner State 1’ are expected to take-up indigenous games of ‘Partner State 2’. Similarly, schools located in ‘Partner State 2’ are expected to take-up games mentioned against their ‘Partner State 1’. Activities to be undertaken during the Fitness Week Celebration.


Days Activity
01 (i) Morning Assembly – Yoga for all
(ii) Activities on Fitness and Nutrition for Students and Staff
02 (i) Morning Assembly – Free hands exercise for all
(ii) Mental Fitness Activities (Ex. Debates, Symposium, Lectures by Sports Psychologists)
03 (i) Beginning of “Fitness Assessment” of Students through KHELO INDIA App.
(ii) Poster making Competition for all Students on theme “Fit Body – Fit Mind – Fit Environment”
04 (i) Physical Activities for all Students including Dance, Aerobics, Yoga, Martial Arts, Rope-Skipping, Gardening etc.
(ii) Essay/Poem Writing Competition for all Students on theme “Fit India School”
05 Fitness/Sports Quiz for all Students
06 Competition for Students, Staff and Parents in Traditional/Indigenous/Regional Games – To celebrate the Unity in Diversity of our Nation and to maintain and strengthen the fabric of traditionally existing emotional bonds between the people of our Country; Engagement Matrix between States and UTs have been done. Against each pair of State/UTs, the suggestive traditional games list too has been given. Schools may engage its students in minimum one game of its choice from the partner state (Refer annexure “A”).
Children, Parent and Teacher participants may also participate in exploring the history and interesting facts of the indigenous games from partner States.


As per the directives from the CBSE Board through revised version of circular No. Acad-68 Dt. 6/11/2019FIT INDIA SCHOOL WEEK Navy Children School, Naval Base, Kochi( No 930046) organised week long programme started from 25th to 30 November 2019. The following were the programmes organised.

Days Date Activity
01 25 Nov. 2019 (i) Morning Assembly – Yoga for all
(ii) Activities on Fitness and Nutrition for Students and Staff
02 26 Nov. 2019 (i) Morning Assembly – Free hands exercise for all
(ii) Mental Fitness Activities - Lectures by Sports Psychologists)
03 27 Nov. 2019 (i) Beginning of “Fitness Assessment” (ii) Poster making
ii) Competition for all Students on theme “Fit Body – Fit Mind – Fit Environment”
04 28 Nov. 2019 (i) Physical Activities for all Students including Dance, Aerobics, Yoga, Martial Arts,
05 29 Nov. 2019 Fitness/Sports Quiz for all Students
06 30 Nov. 2019 Competition for Students, Staff and Parents in Traditional/Indigenous/Regional Games

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