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Paper Folding (I)

07:3008 Nov 2019School

Soft Skill Presentation (IX-XII)

07:3006 Nov 2019School

Instrumental Music (IV and V)

07:3005 Nov 2019School

Kerala Piravi - Special assembly (Class VIII)

07:3001 Nov 2019School

National Integration Day

07:3031 Oct 2019School

Spell Check - English (I and II)

07:3029 Oct 2019School

Diwali - Special assembly (Nehru House), Inter House Rangoli (IX-XII)

07:3025 Oct 2019School

United Nation's Day, Hindi Elocution (III-V)

07:3024 Oct 2019School

Inter House English and Hindi Debate (VI-XII)

07:3023 Oct 2019School

Hindi Story Telling (II)

07:3022 Oct 2019School

Hindi Story Telling (I)

07:3021 Oct 2019School

Dussehra- Special assembly (Class VII), Turn around (IX and X)

07:3004 Oct 2019School

Turn Around (XI and XII)

07:3003 Oct 2019School

World Tourism Day

07:3027 Sep 2019School

International Day of Peace

07:3017 Sep 2019School

International Day for Presentation of Ozone Layer

07:3016 Sep 2019School

Children's Day-Special assembly, Library week celebrations 14-20, Maths Wiz (I-V), Spot Poetry Writing (VI-XII)

07:3014 Sep 2019School

Children's Day-Special assembly, Library week celebrations 14-20, Maths Wiz (I-V), Spot Poetry Writing (VI-XII)

07:3014 Sep 2019School

Hindi Diwas - Special assembly

07:3013 Sep 2019School

Onam - Special assembly (Gandhi House)

07:3006 Sep 2019School

Teacher's Day- Singing assembly (Class XII), Sanskrit Day

07:3005 Sep 2019School

Inter House- Choral singing (VI-XII), (I-V), Nutrition Week

07:3004 Sep 2019School

World Maritime Day (On 26 Sep) Special Assembly

07:3003 Sep 2019School

Solo Song Western(I-V), Instrumental Music (K,S,P and W) (VI-XII)

07:3030 Aug 2019School

Solo Song Eastern (I-V), Dry Flower arrangement (XI and XII)

07:3029 Aug 2019School

Inter House- Play Acting(VI-XII), Cricket(Junior Boys Finals) (I-V)

07:3028 Aug 2019School

Cricket (Junior Boys )

07:3027 Aug 2019School

Janmashtami- Special assembly (Tagore house), Cricket (Under-19 Boys) Finals, Throw ball (Under-19 Girls) Finals

07:3023 Aug 2019School

Cricket (Under-19 Boys), Throw ball (Under -19 Girls)

07:3022 Aug 2019School

Inter House - dance (VI-XII), Football (Under-10 primary) Finals

07:3021 Aug 2019School

English Elocution (III-V), Football (Under-10 primary)

07:3020 Aug 2019School

World Humanitarian Day

07:3019 Aug 2019School

Wonder From Waste (VI-VIII)

07:3016 Aug 2019School

Independence Day

07:3015 Aug 2019School

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English Story Telling (II), Freedom Run, Sanskrit Day

07:3014 Aug 2019School

English Story Telling(I), Volleyball (Under 14 Boys)Finals, Primary Athletics (Field Events ) Finals, Class IV

07:3013 Aug 2019School

Declamation - Eng (IV and V), Solo Song Western (VI-X) Finals, Primary Athletics (Field Events) Finals, Class III

07:3009 Aug 2019School

Raksha Bandhan - Special assembly (Class VI), Solo Song Western (XI and XII), Primary Athletics (Field Events) Finals, Class II

07:3008 Aug 2019School

Football (Boys under-10 Finals, Primary Athletics (Field Events) Finals, Class I)

07:3007 Aug 2019School

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Anti Nuclear Day, Football-Boys (Under-10 Primary), Primary Athletics (Field Events)Finals, Class V

07:3006 Aug 2019School

Solo Song - Eastern (VI-X)

07:3002 Aug 2019School

Solo Song - Eastern (XI and XII)

07:3001 Aug 2019School

International Day of Friendship

07:3030 Jul 2019School

World Nature Conservation Day

728 Jul 2019School

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Kargil Victory Day , Cartoon (IX and X)

07:3026 Jul 2019School

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World Nature Conservation Day (28 July) (Spl Assembly)

07:3024 Jul 2019School

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Pencil Drawing (VI-X), Kho-Kho (Girls Under-10) Finals

07:3019 Jul 2019School

Pencil Drawing (XI and XII), Volleyball (Under-14 Boys)

07:3018 Jul 2019School

Inter House Quiz (VI-XII), Volleyball (Under-19 Boys) Finals

07:3017 Jul 2019School

Volleyball (Under-19 Boys and Girls)

07:3016 Jul 2019School

World Youth Skills Day

07:3015 Jul 2019School

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Digital Painting (VI-X)

07:3012 Jul 2019School

World Population Day

07:3011 Jul 2019School

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Volleyball (Under-19 Boys Finals), Football (Under-19 Girls)

07:3010 Jul 2019School

Hindi Recitation (IV-V), Volleyball(Under-19 Boys), Football (Under-19 Girls)

07:3009 Jul 2019School

The School Raising Day will be celebrated on 08-Jul-19, Monday

1208 Jul 2019Multi Purpose Hall

The curriculum centric Interactions for parents of class VI-VIII has been scheduled on 4-Jul-19, Thursday from 1400-1515hrs in the respective class rooms

14:1504 Jul 2019School

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